Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a very happy Easter!!! AJ loved his Easter basket, especially when he saw the eggs opened and he was able to find cool papers in there (dollars)!! He ate the grass immediately but loved all the new things. He also loved all the turkey, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs that he got to eat. He also got a great suit for Easter from grandma and grandpa Casados and I couldn’t believe how terrible adorable he looked in it. Unfortunately it was conference this weekend so we did not have church and of course, he happed until half way through mass but he still looked too stinking cute.


We have learned that once things are out of sight, they ARE NOT out of mind. I had an escapee the other night and decided to follow him to see where he was speeding off to bare naked. I guess he had not had enough of the Tupperware!!

What a mess!!!

This is what my kitchen looks like after about 1.2 seconds of letting the boy loose in it. I love how much he is learning these days, like opening and closing cupboards and drawers!!

New Place to Play!!

We found a new fun place to play. I try to keep him out of the laundry room cause it just seems like I can’t keep it clean since it is also our mud room but he got in there when I was doing laundry and found a fun new place to explore.


I can never get enough of the bare bum pictures. AJ loves to play with his toys once his clothes come off for the bath!!


Here are some pictures of our beautiful little boy eating pizza for his first time!! He loves new foods!!

Dance Competition #1

Here are some pictures of some solo's and my little and middle girl groups. Unfortunately my batteries died and so I am going to have to wait to update the big girls on here after I get copies from my friend. The girls did great, the little solo girl won queen, the older solo girl got third and the groups placed great. We got great reviews and I was so proud of them especially for their first competition EVER!!!